Home School Application

Please click here to access the Home School Application.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Murphy at jmurphy@sharonschools.net

Homeschool Application Process

Homeschool plans will be reviewed upon receipt and if there is any missing information you will receive an email requesting that information.

All Plans must include the number of days (180) and number of hours (based on the number of hours they should be in school- the total for the year)

  • Once your child's plan is submitted and complete, it will be placed on the next school committee agenda for their approval.
  • Plans received after 12pm on MONDAY prior to the upcoming Wednesday SC meeting, the plan will be placed on the next agenda for approval.
  • Upon School Committee approval, you will receive an email (with your child's school's office staff included on it) that will serve as your formal notification. Please print this email for your records.

Should you want to re-enroll your child in school at any time during the school year in which you have been approved for homeschooling, please contact your child's school directly to re-register.